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yourfans gives you everything you need to generate leads and sell online. It’s a one-stop-shop to build, optimize and market online marketing and sales funnels from generating traffic, to collecting leads and opt-ins, as well as making sales online.

The platform offers you everything you need to generate leads, nurture them via e-mail marketing and send them to a sales page including e-commerce functionality. You can also create sales funnels for direct sales (make appointments, receive phone calls).

Through our tools and methods we enable marketers to build and optimize marketing & sales funnels fast and without programming skills. We provide educational material to our users and invite them become a data driven growth marketer.

We help our clients to reach the target audience online as well as creating marketing and sales funnels, to maximize their returns on marketing spending, generate sales, and achieve higher market shares.

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Learn about the Features

Learn about the different features of the platform:

  • Backend: Learn about the structure of the backend and how to access the main functions.
  • Facebook Ad Creator: Create and optimize Facebook Campaigns by building them with more precision. Build campaigns with many different ads and audiences automatically, and focus on the strategic side of Facebook Marketing instead of technicalities.
  • Landing Page BuilderEnables you to create responsive landing pages optimized for conversion to create any kind of lead page or landing page.
  • SmartWidget Editor: Enables you to create Widgets, that can be added to any website or landing page in order to get the attention of visitors and trigger more interactions and conversions from traffic.
  • Form BuilderCreate custom forms to be used in Landing pages and Widgets to get leads. Collect additional information about the traffic source using UTM-Parameters and forward leads to other tools to create automated workflows.
  • Automation: Build automated marketing workflows, such as generateing calendar appointments, send webinar invitations, add leads to a sales pipeline, creates tasks in project management tools or receive phone calls to get in touch with your lead.
  • Statistics: Track the impressions and interactions of Widgets and compare the performance of different Widgets. Analyse the user-flow on landing pages and compare the performance of different landing pages.

Tools & Resoucrs

Facebook Ads Basics – Getting started
Learn how to create a campaign on Facebook including opening an Ad Account, creating a Facebook Pixel, a Fanpage and a simple Ad.

Facebook Ads Planner: This little helper offers you a structure and ideas on how to implement your Facebook Campaign to get results from the beginning and stop burning money without a concept

Topics covered:

  • Campaign Planning
  • Ad Creation: Create different styles of ads that follow a clear structure and proven model of ad-creation.
  • Image selection: How to come up with ideas for your images and select stock photos.
  • Optimization:
  • Audience Selection

Business Funnel Calculation Tool (Google Table)

This powerful Calculator gives you a framework to plan your marketing and sales-funnel, calculate the KPI’s that you need to implement a successful business case and gives you important hints what you have to do in order to optimize each part of the funnel.

Sales Funnel Examples & Architectures (Google Draw)

This files contains examples of Marketing and Sales funnels that you can use as a blue-print to create your own funnel. It works together with the Business Funnel Calculation tool. You can make a copy of the file to create your own Funnel Architectures and then implement them with the yourfans Marketing Suite.

Theoretical Frameworks for Online Performance Marketing

To use the tools and features in the best way possible and maximize your return, you will need a framework to make meaningful plans and strategies. Two frameworks we like are the concepts of Sales Funnels as well as the principles of Data-Driven Marketing.

Framework #1: Sales Funnels

With sales funnels you can convert visitors into leads and leads into sales. Through a chain of steps and a number of interactions you build trust and engagement by delivering value to your user for free in the beginning and begin to offer paid products later. With yourfans you can generate leads that will enter your sales-funnel and implement check-out pages to sell products online. Use this guides to plan, build and optimize your digital sales funnel and start making money online.

What is a sales funnel, why do you need it and how can yourfans help you to build it?

Framework #2: Data Driven Marketing

When applying the methods of data driven decision making to marketing & sales funnels, marketers can increase campaign performance and business impact significantly.

With our digital marketing suite we make it easy to build and optimize marketing & sales funnels. The results are more ROI on marketing spending and higher market shares through optimized traffic acquisition and higher conversion rates on websites and landing pages.

Introduction into Data-Driven Marketing

Is yourfans right for you?

Digital Marketers
As a digital marketer you want to focus on performance and strategic planning, rather than dealing with programming issues, spending weeks of finalizing a landing page or spending hours on building Facebook ads. If you want to focus on campaign optimization and strategic campaign development yourfans might be right for you.

Being responsible for a firms financial success means being responsible for digital strategy and digital marketing ROI. Data driven marketing with yourfans can help your marketing team to push the boundaries of advertising performance. Also it might help your business on deciding which markets to enter and which products to develop, when Facebook is used for market research.

You need to build landing pages and are tired of dealing with buggy WordPress plug-ins and complicated editing tools? With yourfans you can create new landing pages and on-site campaigns in no time, without programming. At the same time you have a lot of flexibility using your own HTML and CSS code. You can create a fully functional lead page in under 30 minutes and still get paid for a whole day.

Clients pay you for marketing performance? Well, then you should consider yourfans. It offers you a complete solution to extend your portfolio, increase your efficiency and ultimately deliver better performing campaigns. Focus on your clients marketing performance instead of building campaigns slow and manually.