What exactly is yourfans SmartWidget Builder and why would I need it?

SmartWidgets help to convert untargeted Traffic into targeted Traffic and convert Traffic into leads. Through SmartWidgets the conversion rate of any existing website or landing page can be increased. As SmartWidgets can be A/B tested and analysed it is possible to run experiments and test which headlines, offers and call to actions bring the best results.

Therefore the value of traffic is increased and the conversion rate of websites is increasing. By increasing the overall conversion rate of a website or landing page the Marketing ROI can be increased.-

You can setup Widgets on your website for listbuilding, leadgeneration and traffic redirection within 10 minutes using a visual editor. It helps to convert Website traffic into leads.

Through the integration with other platforms and marketing automation tools complete marketing-funnels can be built without technical and design skills!

Detailed visibility control features, as well as flexible layout capabilites enable you to add an interactive layer to any website and control your visitors attention and influence the user behaviour.

What you can do with the yourfans SmartWidget Builder

Conversion Optimization: Use widgets to get more people interact with your website. Convert traffic into leads. Installing widgets on a website increases conversion rates. Increasing the conversion rate of the widget itself increases the increase.

Listbuilding: Generate leads to build an e-mail list.

Lead generation: Generate leads from from your website.

Webinar Signups

Appointment inquiries

(Sell Products: Use Fastspring to implement Checkout experiences and sell products or subscriptions over the internet.)

Distribute Mobile Apps, Catalogues etc.

Mobile App Distribution

Catalogue Distribution

Virtual Egg Hunt (display eggs in certain pages and make them open a sweepstake)

Virtual Christmas calendar (1 widget per day)

Increase visibility of main Call to Action

Run promotions and contests

Drive people to certain pages (upgrade blog traffic to sales page traffic, send people to offer landing pages etc.)

What is the value of widgets?

Every visitor of your page has a certain value: the overall, average value would be :

Total revenue / total number of visitors = revenue per visitor.

Since the revenue is generated only by a certain amount of people, lets say 5% conversion rate, you can also use the average bill per client:

Total revenue / total number of clients = revenue per client.

SmartWidgets can help you to increase the revenue per client as more visitors can be pushed into your sales funnel and more visitors will take action on your website.

You can now think of a concept for different segments of your visitors and make custom offers to that segment. For example you have a blog entry featuring jeans, then you can add a voucher-widget with an offer to purchase jeans and enter the e-mail address to get that voucher. This interaction means you get a lead, which is more likely to purchase your jeans and which you can add to your sales funnel / marketing automation system.

If you increase the total number of purchases by getting more people to interact with your pages, enter their e-mail and thus enter your sales funnel, you will be able to increase the number of visitors that turn into clients. This will increase your revenue per visitor and your number of total clients.

Now, the SmartWidget system is designed to optimize the conversion of visitors into leads and clients. You can target different segments of your visitors with messages that fit the context of the page and adjusts to the behaviour of the user.

Optimize the value of your visitors

Because every impression, interaction and leads are being tracked and you can run A/B tests on widgets you will be able to optimize the number of leads and clients that you get from your website. In that way the SmartWidget System will help you to increase the total number of clients and the average revenue per visitor.

More Market Share: With the average revenue per visitor increased, now you can also spend more for traffic, which means you can bid higher on Facebook and AdWords and get more market Share.

How much value do I get for my particular project?

To calculate how much value you can generate using SmartWidgets on your website, we have created a calculator, which gives you an estimation of what you can achieve.

I found a free Plug-In that creates a modal on my site, why shall I use this system?

We are not talking about one Widget or one modal. Indeed,  that you can do quite simple. You don’t even need a plug-in for that. There are snippets on the web, that will do that job.

The problem is: You cannot control the visibility  of that widget. It will be shown all the time to every visitor, so it becomes very nasty and rather is annoying your visitors. Also it is very tricky to get insights how many people saw it  and how many have clicked. Finally you won’t be sure that it works on all devices, you cannot add a form and connect that form to other softwares to push these leads into your sales-funnel.

The point is, making ONE static modal is simple. Making a marketing-system that actually converts visitors into your sales-funnel and increasing this number of users by applying performance marketing methods such as analytics an a/b testing becomes impossible without a proper technical solution, that let’s you focus on the strategies, insights and takes away the frustration from the creation of user experiences and let’s you do this without IT people.


What does it take to replace this system?
Development cost of such a widget-system, even for static usage on one page, are very high (> 50.000 €). You can make static widgets cheaper, by using some scripts from the web, but they don’t have statistics, a/b testing, forms, lead processing etc.

Welcome to yourfans

yourfans is a platform for growth marketing. Through our tools and methods we enable marketers to build and optimize marketing & sales funnels fast and without programming skills. We provide educational material to our users and invite them become a data driven growth marketer.

Guided Introduction

You can always book a free demo & personalized platform training to make your onboarding experience better and achieve results faster.

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Use Cases

We offer you a complete solution for data driven marketing consisting of software, methods and professional support. With our marketing suite you can create marketing & sales funnels and optimize them using statistics and A/B Testing. We combine the benefits of a responsive Landingpage Builder, Facebook Ad Creator, Widget / PopUp Builder and Performance Marketing Methods to a solution, that offers you everything you need to generate leads and sales online.

Generate Leads using promotions and lead magnets
Create responsive landing pages and promotions to generate leads and build mailing lists. Use them for your e-mailings, facebook ads or other traffic sources. Our landing pages come out the box and our clients achieve up to 68% conversion rate. Many features such as statistics, A/B Testing, custom forms and lead notifications gives you everything you need to run digital campaigns smooth from start to finish. Learn more

Generate sales using Sales-Letters, Sales-Pages and Checkout-Pages
Using the landing page editor and the inbuilt features to add Stripe Checkout Buttons and Fastspring Checkout Widgets, so you can create Sales-letters, Video-Sales-Letters and E-Commerce functionality to generate revenue online. Learn more

Convert website visitors into leads using SmartWidgets
Increase Website conversion for list-building, leads and sales. Create flexible Add-Ons to your website to generate more leads, signups and engage with visitors. Control all widgets from a single place. Learn more


Learn about the structure of the backend and how to access the main functions. Learn more

Facebook Ad Creator
Create and optimize Facebook Campaigns by building them with more precision. Build campaigns with many different ads and audiences automatically, and focus on the strategic side of Facebook Marketing instead of technicalities. Learn more

Landing Page Builder
Enables you to create responsive landing pages optimized for conversion to create any kind of lead page or landing page. Learn more

SmartWidget Editor
Enables you to create Widgets, that can be added to any website or landing page in order to get the attention of visitors and trigger more interactions and conversions from traffic. Learn more

Form Builder
Create custom forms to be used in Landing pages and Widgets to get leads. Collect additional information about the traffic source using UTM-Parameters and forward leads to other tools to create automated workflows. Learn more

Build automated marketing workflows, such as generateing calendar appointments, send webinar invitations, add leads to a sales pipeline, creates tasks in project management tools or receive phone calls to get in touch with your lead. Learn more

Track the impressions and interactions of Widgets and compare the performance of different Widgets. Analyse the user-flow on landing pages and compare the performance of different landing pages. Learn more

Data Driven Marketing

When applying the methods of data driven decision making to marketing & sales funnels, marketers can increase campaign performance and business impact significantly.

With our digital marketing suite we make it easy to build and optimize marketing & sales funnels. The results are more ROI on marketing spending and higher market shares through optimized traffic acquisition and higher conversion rates on websites and landing pages.

Introduction into Data-Driven Performance Marketing

How to create a Performance Marketing Campaign

Analyse KPI’s on Facebook, Smart Widgets and Landingpages

How to optimize the Performance along your marketing funnel

Sales Funnels

Introduction into Sales Funnels

How to plan the architecture of a Sales Funnel

How to write a Sales Letter

How to build lead magnets campaigns and get leads

How to add a Check-Out to a Sales-Funnel

How to connect several steps of a Sales-Funnel

Project Guides

Creating a Contest Campaign

Creating an E-Book Campaign

Creating an Recruiting Campaign

Tools & Resources

Facebook Ad Creation Tool

Business Funnel Calculation Tool

Is yourfans right for you?

Digital Marketers
As a digital marketer you want to focus on performance and strategic planning, rather than dealing with programming issues, spending weeks of finalizing a landing page or spending hours on building Facebook ads. If you want to focus on campaign optimization and strategic campaign development Test ‘n Scale might be right for you.

Being responsible for a firms financial success means being responsible for digital strategy and digital marketing ROI. Data driven marketing with Test ‘n Scale can help your marketing team to push the boundaries of advertising performance. Also it might help your business on deciding which markets to enter and which products to develop, when Facebook is used for market research.

You need to build landing pages and are tired of dealing with buggy WordPress plug-ins and complicated editing tools? With Test ‘n Scale you can create new landing pages and on-site campaigns in no time, without programming. At the same time you have a lot of flexibility using your own HTML and CSS code. You can create a fully functional lead page in under 30 minutes and still get paid for a whole day.

Clients pay you for marketing performance? Well, then you should consider yourfans. It offers you a complete solution to extend your portfolio, increase your efficiency and ultimately deliver better performing campaigns. Focus on your clients marketing performance instead of building campaigns slow and manually.