Why is your company not a rocket-ship yet?

Why do some businesses scale globally and others fail?
What differentiates the rocket-ships from the donkeys?

Growth companies build, market and optimize online marketing and sales funnels. They generate more traffic, leads and sales to maximize their return on invested capital systematically.

Stagnating companies fail to do that.

What is the problem? Why is your company not a rocket-ship yet?

  • Don’t have a sales funnel (traffic, call to action, conversion, follow-up, offer, close, up-sell, cross-sell)
  • Leaky Sales Funnel (ratios too low) >> Burn money while advertising >> very limited advertising
  • Facebook Ads too expensive (ctr problem / relevance problem / product market fit problem)
  • traffic doesn’t convert (wrong traffic or cta / close problem / campaign setting problem)
  • Website / Landingpage doesn’t convert?
  • no measurement of ROI (no optimization possible)
  • no clarity about sales funnel (unclear architecture and funnel steps)
  • no product market fit
  • low click-through rates (relevance problem, audience problem, ads problem)
  • Interrupted workflows (leak because of leads not processed well)

What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel: A simple sales-funnel would be a landing page, where people sign up and then they get called by a sales rep.

Components of such a simple Sales Funnel: Landing page + phone calls.

Optional components: Online & Offline campaigns such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads, E-Mail Automation, Chatbots, Automated Contact Processing, Retargeting, Chatbots, Site-Messages.

The value chain of a simple sales funnel

What is the value of a successful sales funnel?

A successful online sales funnel enables you to work the whole market. The value varies with profit margin and market size. But essentially it is a client-generation machine, where you put 1 € in and get 2,5,10 or 20€ revenue out. It is not an easy task to build an effective sales funnel. It requires time, money and intensive work to get it done.

But the effort is worth it. Once the sales funnel is built, it can work for years. It is an investment into your company that will pay off many times and it will make your life a lot easier.

You will have a digital sales machine, where you control how much it is selling for you based on your investment and capacity. Good sales funnels in large markets are worth millions of €. And even for local businesses they can be worth hundreds of thousands of Euros.

The process towards the perfect funnel

What does yourfans offer?

We offer a platform to build landing pages and sales-funnels, a solution to convert website visitors into leads AND automate the creation of facebook campaigns to generate qualified traffic.

All those features come with a set of methods, tactics and strategies to find product-market fit, identify the best funnel based on evidence, optimize traffic acquisition and optimize conversion.

Our solution is based on many years in Online Performance Marketing and spending more than 1.000.000 € for small businesses on Facebook and with over 1.000% marketing ROI.

Identification of the main challenges

The process starts with identifying your main challenges and then coming up with a path towards solving those challenges.

It could be the bottleneck is traffic. Then we focus on traffic acquisition. Inside traffic acquisition it could be that the targeting is not precise enough, the used channels are not the right ones or the ads are not effective. Therefore we will look at the ads, audiences and set up a concept including experiments to optimize the traffic acquisition.

It could be the bottleneck is conversion. That could be due to several reasons. It could be the landing page is too complex, or lacks an call-to-action. this can be solved by replacing the current landing page with a proven landing page model. it could be the form is too complex or the offer is too weak. That can be fixed by using a simpler form or different kinds of offers.

It could be the bottleneck is sales. To optimize sales you need to verify product-market-fit, optimize the architecture of the sales-funnel and increase the ratios of each step of the sales-funnel.

We will try to isolate the problem, that keeps your users from doing the intended interaction and then plan tests for different options that can circumvent this problem.

Data driven optimization

The process is always an analysis of the current funnel, the isolation of the main weaknesses into particular problems. And then solving those problems by applying best practice methods and/or implementing experiments to come up with better solutions based on data and performance indicators.

In this way, step by step, you can develop your effective Sales funnel step by step, from traffic acquisition to lead generation to making sales.

We help you to get started

We want you to get the most value out of our solution. That’s why we are offering FREE Trials for the software including a FREE Demo & Training and a Kick-Start program including a Strategy Sessions (based on your current situation we create a personalized battle-plan, so you can build the first minimum-viable sales-funnel and generate leads), an action plan and guidance during the implementation phase and first optimization.

We also offer done-for-you Services. A team of experts will create your funnel (our disciplines: dev, design, app-management, copywriting, funnel strategist, growth hacking / conversion rate optimization and more). Get a Quote.

We help you to plan, build, market and optimize your successful marketing & sales funnel by offering you guidance, software and hands-on expert services.


yourfans is a very flexible platform. You can generate traffic, leads and sales. There are many options and variations which you can use depending on your strategy, market, product, sales process and existing marketing activities.

We have put together a collection of typical use-cases, mostly backed on real projects with real results. Use this as ideas to implement your own funnel.

Verify a business case

If you want to know if a business idea has potential, the most direct way is to build an actual marketing funnel to generate leads and then interview your prospects on the phone, eventually already winning your first clients, but at least to understand if your business idea has potential

For example we were offering a Beta Community program when we wanted to have the first few users for the Facebook Ads Creator tool to identify where people would stand in terms of knowledge and expectations, as well as to find out which operational problems will occur to optimize the user experience.

We generated leads for about 30 € each and had real users and real market feedback within 1-2 weeks.

To implement this, you create some landing page with an offer and a form and then you send targeted traffic to that landing page to generate leads. In the form you ask for the telephone number and some information that will help you to estimate the quality of the lead. Ask 3-4 qualifying questions. Then call your leads and talk to them about their problems, needs and goals and see whether there is a fit with your solution. If there is a fit the natural thing is to start delivering value or projecting that value if a trial is not possible and then to make an offer.

Increase conversion rate on your website

There are several ways to increase the conversion rate of the website. One is to buy better traffic, which means better targeted traffic. On Facebook you can buy better targeted traffic by testing audiences and using the best ones.

Another option is to increase the conversion rate of a website. A very fast solution to increase conversion rate is to add a Call-to-Action Widget, which is always visible. That alone should uplift your conversion rate by 10-15%.

Build a simple sales funnel that generates value

Before investing into a complex sales funnel, which might turn out ineffective we suggest to start with the most simple version of the sales funnel that is possible. If you can sell your product on the phone the most simple sales funnel (not the most efficient one!) will be to send traffic to a leadpage with some sort of offer and then call the leads and guide them towards the checkout. If this funnel works, but is too much work or phone calls are too expensive to make for every lead, you can add marketing automation and a sales-page in order to fully automate the sales process.

Create an automated sales funnel to sell products online

To avoid the problems of the phone-call sales-funnel you can add automated E-Mails to your funnel and send the leads from the lead page to a sales page. On the sales page you insert a sales letter or video sales letter and an online-checkout.

Transform untargeted traffic into leads to add more users into your sales funnel

If you have a lot of organic visitors but they do not interact and convert very much, your organic traffic is untargeted and has a low value per visitors. To increase the value of that traffic, you have to engage them and get the contact information, so you can add them to your sales-funne..-

With SmartWidgets you will be able to dynamically place Lead Magnets, Offers and Sign-Up Forms in your website, so more website visitors can convert into a lead and ultimately into a sale.

Finding the best value proposition

To develop the most promising value proposition for different target markets, you can use Facebook as a market research environment. Create different Facebook Ad Campaigns, each with a different value proposition and send the people to a lead page. You will see differences regarding the performance of your ads. And that cannot only help you, to get more clicks for better prices, but also can shape your business strategy and make your overall marketing more effective.

Find the best Lead Magnets

The same principle is true to find lead magnet. By creating multiple Facebook Campaigns with different lead magnets and fitting Squeeze Pages, you will be able to find which lead magnet works best.

Recruit staff using Facebook Performance Ads and a Recruiting panding page

Project Guide for a recruiting campaign with Facebook Ads.

What you can achieve: Receive applications for your open positions

  1. Create an application page with SmartWidget or Landingpage: Use the recruiting template. This template consists of three pages, the first one containing an intro, a job description and a short application form, and the second page a confirmation page.
  2. Market application site with Facebook Ads: Create several ads and use all kinds of targetings.
  3. Evaluate traffic and applicant numbers
  4. Review applications

Enable tracking

Insert the Facebook Pixel on your website and paste the Javascript code for a lead event on Facebook into the tracking settings of the form.

Landing page template

Use the recruiting template. This template consists of three pages, the first one containing an intro, a job description and a short application form, and the second page a confirmation page.

Enable tracking

Link Facebook Ads to the landing page by going to the Analytics menu via the side menu and enabling tracking. Connect to your Facebook advertising account to see available Facebook pixels. Now select the same Facebook pixel you used in your Facebook campaign.

  1. Market your application page with Facebook Ads
    You do not have an advertising account or fanpage yet? Set up an ad account, set up a fanpage.

Use a Facebook Ad template for your recruiting campaign.
Adjust at least the following settings:

Campaign Name: Give your campaign a name

Spending Limit: Your desired maximum spending limit

Facebook Pixel: The Facebook pixel used in the landing page to record registrations

Start and end dates
Bid limit (e.g., $ 10): Enter a bid limit for the Facebook ad server.

Daily Budget: This is the daily spending limit per ad group. The daily campaign limit is the spend limit per ad group multiplied by the number of ad groups. For many ad groups, set it to 1. 1 is the minimum daily ad group budget.

URL: Enter the URL of your landing page here

Text: Enter one or more texts.

Picture: Upload one or more pictures.

Start and End Date: When the campaign starts and ends.

Target groups: Which target groups should be addressed

  1. Evaluation
    View the views and conversion rates on your application landing page.

View the views and conversion rates of your application SmartWidget.

Create a meaningful report with Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. Export data
    Export your applicant data either in the Forms & API area or in the overview of SmartWidgets or landing pages.
  2. Additional options
    Double Opt-In Mail: Generate valid double opt-ins for your newsletter marketing. This mail can be personalized with form input.

Autoresponder: Automatically send participants a confirmation email. This mail can be personalized with form input.

Generate Newsletter Opt-Ins from your website with SmartWidgets

Projektleitfaden für Newsletter Verteileraufbau mit SmartWidgets 

Was Sie erreichen können: Newsletter Opt-Ins erhalten

1. SmartWidget mit Newsletter-Formular erstellen

2. SmartWidget veröffentlichen

3. Daten exportieren

4. Zugriffszahlen und Newsletter-Anmeldungen auswerten

5. Zusatzoptionen

1. Erstellen Sie ein SmartWidget mit Newsletter-Formular

Verwenden Sie das Newsletter-Template. Diese Vorlage besteht aus zwei Seiten, wobei die erste einen Teaser und Vorteile des Newsletters und ein kurzes Anmeldeformular beinhaltet und die zweite Seite eine Bestätigungsseite.

2. Veröffentlichen Sie Ihr SmartWidget

Sie haben den SmartWidget Pixel noch nicht auf der Website hinterlegt? SmartWidget auf Website einbinden.

3. Daten exportieren

Exportieren Sie Ihre Leads entweder im Bereich Formulare & API oder in der Übersicht der SmartWidgets. Die Informationen zum Newsletter Opt-In befinden sich in den Spalten
Nutzer_IP, Teilnahmedatum, Newsletter, Newsletter_OptIn_Datum, Newsletter_aktiviert.

Das bedeuten diese Spalten

Nutzer_IP: Die IP Adresse mit der der Nutzer sich angemeldet hat.
Teilnahmedatum: Der Zeitpunkt, an dem die Anmeldung erfolgt ist.
Newsletter: 0 oder 1. 0 wenn die Newsletter-Checkbox nicht aktiviert wurde. 1 wenn die Newsletter-Checkbox aktiviert wurde.
Newsletter_OptIn_Datum: Das Datum, an dem der Newsletter Opt-In Link geklickt wurde.
Newsletter_aktiviert: 0 oder 1. 0 wenn der Newsletter Opt-In Link NICHT geklickt wurde. 1 wenn der Newsletter Opt-In Link geklickt wurde.

4. Auswertung

Sehen Sie sich die Aufrufe und Conversion Rates Ihres Newsletter-Widgets an.
Gehen Sie dazu unter „Statistiken“ > „Widgets“ und wählen Sie Ihr Newsletter-Widget aus.
Wählen Sie eine Zeitspanne aus und lassen Sie sich so die Besucherzahlen auf den einzelnen Seiten anzeigen.

Werten Sie den Datensatz aus. Zählen Sie die Anzahl der Anmeldungen insgesamt, diejenigen mit Newsletter = 1 und diejenigen mit Newsletter_aktiviert = 1.
Alle Kontakte mit Newsletter = 1 haben den Newsletter angefordert. Alle Kontakte mit Newsletter_aktiviert = 1 haben den Double Opt-In Link bestätigt.
Somit können Sie nun Quoten berechnen, wie viele der Besucher zu Kontakten, zu Kontakten mit Opt-In, zu Kontakten mit bestätigem Double Opt-In geworden sind.

5. Zusatzoptionen

Double Opt-In Mail
Generieren Sie rechtsgültige Double Opt-Ins für Ihr Newsletter-Marketing. Diese Mail kann mit Formulareingaben personalisiert werden.

Senden Sie den Teilnehmern automatisch eine Bestätigungsmail. Diese Mail kann mit Formulareingaben personalisiert werden.

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Generate more leads from your website with SmartWidgets

Was Sie erreichen können: Mehr Anfragen erhalten

1. SmartWidget mit Jetzt Anfragen Button erstellen

2. SmartWidget veröffentlichen

3. Daten exportieren

4. Zugriffszahlen und Klickzahlen auswerten

1. Erstellen Sie ein SmartWidget mit Jetzt Anfragen Button

Verwenden Sie das Jetzt-Anfragen Infobar Template für Desktop und das Jetzt-Anfragen Infobar Template für Mobile. Diese Vorlage besteht aus aus einem Text und einem Button (mobile nur Button) der zur Anmeldeseite verlinkt oder ein weiteres Widget mit einem Anmeldeformular öffnet.

2. Veröffentlichen Sie Ihr SmartWidget

Sie haben den SmartWidget Pixel noch nicht auf der Website hinterlegt? SmartWidget auf Website einbinden.

Aktivieren Sie das Widget und ergänzen Sie je nach Bedarf die Sichtbarkeitseinstellungen, um die Sichtbarkeit einzuschränken.

4. Auswertung

Sehen Sie sich die Aufrufe und Interaktionsraten Ihres Jetzt-Anfragen-Widgets an. Gehen Sie dazu unter „Statistiken“ > „Widgets“ und wählen Sie Ihr Jetzt-Anfragen-Widget aus. Wählen Sie eine Zeitspanne aus und lassen Sie sich so die Besucherzahlen und die Klickzahlen anzeigen anzeigen.

How to generate Leads with a Social Media Contest

Benefits of running a Social Media contest

  • High conversion rates
  • high volumes pf traffic
  • generate high volumes leads to fill your sales funnel
  • promote your brand
  • increase retention

5 steps for a successful contest campaign

1. Create a contest page with form

SmartWidget Template

Use the sweepstakes template. This template consists of three pages, the first one containing an announcement and preview of the possible price, the second page a participation form with links to legal notices and the third page a confirmation page.

Full Size SmartWidget Contest Template
Lightbox SmartWidget Contest Template

Activate Facebook Tracking for Form-Submits inside SmartWidgets

Add the Facebook Pixel to your website and insert the Javascript for Event Tracking into the custom-tracking-event field in the Form-Settings of a SmartWidget.

1. Hover the form element and click the edit Icon to open the settings panel.
2. When editing the form element inside a SmartWidget …
… and scroll down in the form settings panel you will find this box to insert custom javascript. This can be used to send back conversion-events back to the Facebook Pixel that is in your website.

Landingpage Template

Use a promotion template

This kind of template consists of a form-page and a thank-you page. You could also use a start-page, which then links to the form-page.

Activate Performance Tracking

Leads will be only shown in Facebook Reports when you have activated the Facebook Pixel in your Landing page and use the same Pixel for your Facebook Campaign.

To add a Facebook Pixel into your landing page to to Analytics, connect to your ad account and select the same pixel as you will use in your ad account.

2. Get clicks from your target audience using Facebook Ads to get leads

You don’t have a Facebook Ad Account or Fanpage yet? Check the Getting Started with Facebook Ads article for more information.

Create Facebook Ads Report with Facebook Ad Manager

Create a Facebook Campaign for a landing page in 3 Steps.

  1. Go to publish and open the Tab Social Sharing
Insert Title, Description and an Image (1200*635px recommended, few or no text)

2. Go to publish and open the Tab Facebook Performance Ads

Select Ad Account, Fanpage and Pixel. Then Click “Go to Facebook Ads Creator”.

3. Your Content and basic settings will automatically be used for your campaign. Adjust the Ad-Texts, Audiences and Settings as needed and activate the upload to your account.

For more information about the Facebook Ads Creator checkout the Manual.

3. Setup workflows to process your leads

You might want to receive e-mail notifications or forward your leads to other tools. In the first case you can use the internal e-Mail notification feature. In the latter you can setup automations.

4. Analyse visitors and leads

In this Video we look at how to analyze visitors and conversion rates of a landing page. Length: 6 Minutes 36 Seconds.

5. Export your data

In the list of your landing pages you can directly download the leads, that were generated with your landing page.

Other ways to get your leads are e-mail notifications, download all contacts from the form used in the Form-Builder or forwarding leads to another software using automation.

Useful features when running contests

E-Mail Double Opt-Ins

Generate Double-Opt-Ins for new newsletters subscribers. You can create a custom Opt-In Mail and personalize it using form data.


You can send you automatic Autoresponders as a confirmation. You can personalize it using form data.

Send automatic Autoresponders and Double Opt-Ins


Create a personalization element to speak to your new leads with their name. 1. Go to Page Elements in the main menu and create a Personalization Shortcode Element. Save it and copy and paste the Shortcode into your Autoresponder. You can also use it on your Thank-you page.

Create a personalization Shortcode to talk to your new leads with their name inside Autoresponders, Double Opt-In E-Mails or the Thank you page of a Landing-Page.

Select winner

You can randomly select one to 20 winners using this function “Pull the winner”. It will show you the information. You can even send an e-mail to those leads from the platform.

Getting started with Facebook Ads

Learn how to create a campaign on Facebook including opening an Ad Account, creating a Facebook Pixel, a Fanpage and a simple Ad.

Open an ad account


Make sure your add account has a valid payment method, before uploading a campaign.

Create a Facebook Pixel

To track conversions you need a Facebook Pixel and your ad account has to have access to it.

Create a Fanpage

In order to run ads you need a fanpage, which is publicly available.

Create a first simple campaign

Before trying to create large setups we recommend to create a simple campaign with just 1 audience and 1 ad as a test-flight.

SmartWidgets Manual

Introduction (4 min)

How to Publish a custom Widget:

One Code enables all widgets for your website. Your widgets are live in less than 1 minute. Insert 2 lines of code in your website to activate the widget-system. Create and publish widgets from one dashboard. then you select which ones are shown when and where inside the widget editor. For WordPress there is even a plug-in, please ask us to get it.

Choose from a wide range of ready to use Widget Templates

Plenty of templates, ready to be customized to work on your websites.

For Example E-Book, Contest, Offers, Vouchers, Welcome Mat, Contact, Download, Event

Tactics to increase your website performance

Convert visitors on low-value / low converting pages to high-converting pages > Promote offers and send visitors from blog-pages to sales-pages or lead-pages.

Push visitors into your sales-funnel to get them closer to make a purchase.

Tactics using the widget features

Use the mobile/ Desktop visibility feature to create different widget formats for mobile and desktop devices and have full control over look & feel on different devices (for example different type or number of elements on mobile).

Connect several widgets

Use a Button-Widget to call a lightbox Widget with a form to create a non-intrusive user experience.

Conditions to activate or deactivate Widgets

By Time: From and to date, Before date / after date, after X seconds

By page: Include or exclude pages or folders through URL-Strings

By User Behaviour: Scrolling, Exit Intent, Button/Link Click, Repeated visits, Inactivity,  When time has passed since the last visit

Limitations: Limit impressions, Number of Visits,  Disappear after X Seconds, maximum allowed Visits within a session

Device: Mobile / Desktop

Use global filters for all widgets

When you have several Widgets you can also apply global filters to control visibility across your page. You can apply filters to groups of widgets.

Create a custom Widget


  • Infobar: DEMO
  • Sidebar: DEMO
  • Button: DEMO
  • Lightbox: DEMO

Widget Content Editor

Easy to use and yet powerful visual editor to craft your offer. Implement images, videos, texts to create all types of widgets.  

  • Visual Editor
  • Add and position elements
  • Multiple Pages
  • Add Forms
  • Add Buttons
  • Add HTML Elements
  • Mobile & Desktop Preview in Edit Mode
  • Mobile & Desktop Live Preview
  • Custom CSS: Unique CSS Selectors for each element and the container

Use Cases to turn traffic into leads

Generate phone calls

Show a widget including a formfield to capture a telephone-number and a name. Forward that lead to twilio using the inbuilt twilio API feature. You will receive a phone call and can press a button to get connected to the lead. This will boost your response time and therefore increase the ratio of leads that can be reached. By reaching more leads you can obviously also make more sales.

Traffic > SmartWidget Form = Lead > Twilio = Faster Response = Reach more Leads = More Sales

Generate calendar invitations

Short a widget including a form to select a date and a time, as well as a name. Forward that lead to Google Calendar or any other Calendar Software using zapier. The lead will automatically get an invitation to his calendar.

Traffic > SmartWidget Form = Lead > Twilio > Google Calender = Appointments = More Sales

Generate leads using landing pages

Use SmartWidgets to promote your current promotions and send them from any of your website pages to a landing page. In that way you can convert organic visitors into Leads and add them to your Marketing Automation System or E-Mail Marketing.

Traffic > Landing page > Lead > Marketing Automation

Generate Sales using a Sales Page

Use SmartWidgets to promote your current offers and send them from any of your website pages to a Sales Page. In that way you can convert organic visitors into Sales.

Traffic > SmartWidget > Sales Page > Checkout > Revenue

Create custom Widgets with the visual Editor

Widget Container Editor

  • Add Background Images or use transparent background
  • Choose a custom Overlay color & transparency grade
  • Size: Define custom sizes for the widget in Pixels or % of the screensize
  • Position: Choose one of 10 positions on a screen

Custom CSS

Change the appearance of your widget by applying custom css rules.
Each element has a unique CSS identifier. Just hover the element in the editor and click the css button to see the CSS class for that element.


Define language for widget, for example for telephone field.

Legal & Security

Create custom Imprint, Privacy Policy and TOC + Checkboxes for Privacy Policy and TOC with IP & Time-Stamp, Newsletter Double Opt-In with IP & Time-Stamp, GDPR Compliant, SSL Hosting

Inbuilt E-Mailing Features

Send autoresponders and /or Double Opt-In E-Mails from inside the system. Create custom e-Mails and use Custom SMTP Server (optional), as well as custom confirmation page after Double Opt-In (optional).

Export contacts

You can download your leads from a form or landing page anytime. If there are more than 4.000 entries, you will get notified by e-mail when your download is ready. Everything below 4.000 entries will be processed immediately.

Furthermore you can get lead notification by e-mail. There are options to get informed every time a new entry appears, every nth entry or a report every X hours.

Connect Apps to build automated marketing workflows

Using the in-built API features as well as zapier you can connect your forms to any other app and build workflows. For example using the telephone number you can trigger an automatic call by twilio and press a button to contact that number. It will read you also the name of the prospect so you know who are you calling. The same goes for pipeline-tools like pipedrive, calendar-tools like google calendar, crm-systems like salesforce, or webinar-tools like zoom.

By connecting your forms to other apps, you will be able to automate your entire marketing workflow. And using yourfans you can make sure your pipeline is always filled.  

Build Workflows so your traffic converts directly into Newsletter Subscribers, Webinar-Participants, Phonecalls, Scheduled Appointments, etc. Connect CRM, Newsletter, Marketing Automation, Webinar tools, Twilio, Calendar etc.

Learn more about automation


All Widget-Templates have been developed mobile-first and will work on all devices or there are different versions for each device.


Choose from a wide range of templates to boost your marketing- or sales-funnel in no time.

Get Leads

Add custom forms and add automation to process your leads (clean from duplicates, forward to other softwares)

Conversion Optimization Features

Create Widgets to boost conversions

Activate Widgets on your landingpage to insert floating buttons, sidebar elements or exit-intent popups and boost your converrsion rate.

A/B Testing

Create A/B Tests and compare performance of different widgets easy. Analyse conversion rates without further configuration. Setup an A/B or A/B/C Test to compare different widgets with each other. Create A/B Tests: the selected will be shown randomly. You can Select one or two other widgets. If you create one widget, that is inactive you can use that as a placeholder for a test with/without widget.

Performance Tracking

Track impressions, visitors and conversions

Impressions, Unique Impressions and Button-Clicks on all pages are tracked automatically for all your widgets using the Matomo-Engine. Compare the data for several widgets to see which one is performing better.

Add External Tracking for Form submission

Add external tracking for form-submission. Your custom Javascript will be executed on form-submission if set. This is an advanced feature and it might create problems with the user experience, depending on the Javascript used.


Widgets automatically store the URLs on which they have been displayed. Using UTM-Parameters you can attribute your leads to specific sources and widgets.

Just add &utm_term=, &utm_content=, &utm_medium=, &utm_campaign= and &utm_source= to yours website URLs to track this information with every lead stored.

Automated Rules

Use automated rules to optimize the performance of your campaign. With automatic rules in place your work will be reduced to monitoring and if needed take some actions in terms of budget control. Many campaigns run very stable for many month once the setup is fully in place.

How to setup Automatic Rules

In the Facebook Ads Manager you find a button to create rules of manage existing rules. Its right below the tab of ad-sets.

Create new rules or manage existing rules. Open the Automated Rules panel.
Use automated rules to update the settings of ads, ad-sets and the campaign automatically based on the performance and conditions.

Here are some of the rules that we use often and when we use them. There is not one universal solution about the usage of rules. Markets, campaigns and the individual goals of a campaign are too different.

Switch off expensive Ads: Use this to filter your ads by the price of a click. Switch them off when the click is quite expensive AND there are no results.

Increase Bid Amount of Ad-Sets: You can (with care) increase the bid amount of ad-sets when they don’t spent any budget and therefore are too low, or if they perform very well and you want them to reach more people and spend more budget.

Decrease Bid Amount of Ad-Sets: The opposite can be done for Ad-Sets that are too expensive. You can lower the bid-amount to get cheaper results, but also the amount spent will be lower.

Increase Daily Budget: For Ad-Sets that perform really good, you might want to increase the daily budget.

Decrease Daily Budget: For Ad-Sets that do not perform well, you might want to decrease the daily budget.