Tools & Resources

Facebook Ads Planner

This little helper offers you a structure and ideas on how to implement your Facebook Campaign to get results from the beginning and stop burning money for the lack of having a concept. Covered topics:

  • Campaign Planning: Plan your campaign in terms of time, budget and the goals you want to achieve.
  • Ad Creation: Create different styles of ads that follow a clear structure and proven model of ad-creation
  • Image selection: How to come up with ideas for your images and how to find and select appropriate stock photos.
  • Optimization: How to optimize your campaign’s performance by selecting the best ads and controlling budget and bids for your audiences
  • Audience Selection: How to come up with audience ideas. When to use combined audiences and when to split them by targeting.

Business Funnel Calculation Tool (Google Table)
This powerful Calculator gives you a framework to plan your marketing and sales-funnel, calculate the KPI’s that you need to implement a successful business case and gives you important hints what you have to do in order to optimize each part of the funnel.

Sales Funnel Examples & Architectures (Google Draw)
This files contains examples of Marketing and Sales funnels that you can use as a blue-print to create your own funnel. It works together with the Business Funnel Calculation tool. You can make a copy of the file to create your own Funnel Architectures and then implement them with the yourfans Marketing Suite.

Facebook Ad Manager for Excel
Pull in numbers from your Facebook Campaigns into Excel to analyze your Reports much quicker and get an overview of different accounts. You can save reporting templates and use all the excel features like sorting, filtering, pivot tables and all types of calculations to work with your reporting data.